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Most cruise line executives, charged with increasing passenger count and satisfaction, only use the ratings on guest comment cards to determine who is “doing the job.”

But in the right hands, comment card information can become a powerful management tool.

1. Determine Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats — Strengths are a source of sales points, Weaknesses must be remedied, opportunities must be seized and threats must be minimized.

2. Determine “Who likes what” and the reverse, “Who doesn’t like what” — The market is a mix of ever-changing demographic characteristics, expectations and aspirations. By always knowing who you are satisfying and who may be disappointed, you can continually adjust product offerings to satisfy the greatest number of customers.

3. Determine what to do before the ships set sail — Every sailing has a new and different mix of passengers. By knowing who they are and what they want, elements of each cruise can be adjusted to achieve the greatest amount of customer satisfaction.

4. Determine which markets have hidden potential — The effective allocation of sales and marketing resources is a serious challenge. Knowing better the source of potential sales opportunities makes managing these more of a science and less of an art form.

And that’s the short list.

Most cruise lines do not have the professional staff or resources to do these things. MarketScope Global does.

We have designed and implemented comment card systems since the early 1980s. Our clients range from giants like Carnival Cruise Line to overnight ferry services such as Color Lines of Oslo.

We continue to analyze the output of our systems and continue to learn about maximizing your business’ potential. We have developed a body of knowledge and techniques, unique in the industry, and we are ready to put these to work for your business.

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