MarketScope Global is a knowledge-based strategic marketing firm. Our approach is to gather data, analyze that data and provide our clients insights based on identified trends and the results of our analysis.

MarketScope Global brings more than 70 years of combined cruise industry experience to bear on understanding the market forces at work in the travel industry’s most complex and fastest growing business sector.

Jay Lewis, founder of Market Scope, is a graduate of the Wharton School, with honors, in advertising. He created the cruise industry’s first scannable “comment card” system and its first automated brochure-ordering system.

Lewis has served as adjunct professor of marketing at the University of Miami and as a lecturer at Oxford and Cambridge for the Seatrade Academy.

Prior to that, Lewis was vice president of marketing of Republic Mortgage Investors (a REIT), director of sales analysis at Burger King and regional director of research for Food Fair Stores.

Contact Jay: [email protected]